Oil painting on board depicting multiple overlapping views of a man looking in different directions and with different expressions.


oil on board


BanksiaOil painting

Native IOil painting

Native IIOil painting

Giverny IOil painting

Giverny IIOil painting

Giverny IIIOil painting

PeoniesOil painting

ReachingOil painting

SpringOil painting

The Coming of AutumnOil painting

WaratahOil painting

White GardenOil painting

Orange GardenOil painting

BrotherOil painting

UMOil painting

RhiannonOil painting

LisaOil painting

SheetsOil painting

First TimeOil painting

HomeOil painting

TabletopOil painting

KitchenOil painting

BlueOil painting


Gas MaskLithograph


Nude IVOil Painting

GirlOil Painting

Nude IIICharcoal Sketch

Nude IICharcoal Sketch

ChinatownPastel Sketch

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